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    Delete Database from iPhone Device



      Delete Database from iPhone Device


      During testing, I have pushed an fp7 to the iPhone several times and FilemakerGo appends a space and numeric counter to the filename rather than overwriting the original file.  I now have several versions of the fp7 on the iPhone and don't know how to selectively delete from the device.

      Any advice on deleting databases from the device appreciated.

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          Within FileMaker Go on your iPhone, open the File Browser and select "files on Device".  This will list your fp7 solution files.  Swipe the file name that you want to delete from right to left.  This will display a red "Delete" button.  Tap the button.

          Alternatively, you can also delete these files on your iPhone from iTunes on your Mac (or PC).  Select the "Apps" tab at the top and then select FileMaker Go at the bottom of the iTunes window.  Then select the files to delete and press the Delete key.

          It sounds as if you are not using iTunes to update your fp7 files on the iPhone.  iTunes will ask if you want to replace the old version and not create separate versions.

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            Many thanks, you hit the nail on the head!!!