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Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on May 15, 2011
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Design Opinions


I have yet to buy an iPhone or iTouch but will shortly.

I am designing from scratch an iPhone db that fits inside the paramaters of the iPhone without needing to zoom or scroll to see parts of the layout.

Now I need an opinion(s) regarding a menu that will fill more than one screen. I can either design it to be in several pages with buttons to move from page to page or as one long page and use the swipe action to move up and down.

Assuming the buttons are isolated in an area on the side freeing the rest of the screen for the swipe, will the form layout scroll up and down using the swipe action?

Oh, and the two menu bars I see, can they be made to disappear with hide status bar?

I have utilized a few layouts I've found on the internet to aid in my design work: