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    Dialing Phone / SMS from Go



      Dialing Phone / SMS from Go


      Is there a way to place a phone call or SMS from Filemaker Go?

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          Steve Wright

          I just tried to use open URL step and entered my office number i.e 

          tel:0123456789   or

          "tel:" & table::telephonefield

          Whilst it did work and give me a prompt to call the number, I was left with a blank screen, I could hear the call but couldnt do anything but force the phone to reset

          That may be my phone though, the battery is super flat at the moment :-P  Ill re-try tomorrow.

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            Brian Monroe:

            Thank you for your post.

            The answer provided by "SWS" is correct (Thank you!).  Using "tel:" followed by the telephone number in an Open URL step will dial the number.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Oh beautiful! Thanks! What about SMS? Will a prefix allow that?

              update: okay... umm... so I made a calculation field that combined tel: with the telephone number and I made a layout that shows this field but how do I get it to launch? I'm missing how to do this "open URL" part... Can anyone help?

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                Thanks that worked great to dial the phone.......  Any ideas for SMS?

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                  Brian Monroe:

                  My apologies for not answering your second question.

                  FileMaker Pro will dial the phone, but it cannot send data while dialing.  Therefore, SMS is not possible at this time.

                  Please enter this suggestion into our Feature Requests web form at:


                  These web entries are monitored and read by our Development and Product Management departments so they can discuss and consider adding these suggestions in a future release.

                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    I have found the easiest way to dial a phone number with the FileMaker Go iPhone App is to use the Dial Phone script item. You can perform this script step without dialog since it still asks if you want to dial the number. If the phone number is properly formatted this works perfectly. Note that if you are using FileMaker on a Mac to develop the database, you will get a dialog indicating that this script step is not supported on a Mac. Just ignore it - the Dial Phone does work on the iPhone.

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                      Re sending an SMS from FileMaker Go on the iPhone or iPad/iPod Touch this is possible - I actually demonstrated this at DevCon last year. It involved FileMaker Go, an account with an SMS Gateway, a Web Viewer and an Internet connection (no SIM card required). I'm going to make an alternative version of my fmSMS product that will work on FileMaker Go - it will be a much simplified single file version that will work on all iOS compatible devices that FileMaker Go runs on. Stayed tuned for more details at: