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    disable window selection?



      disable window selection?


      So I've been trying to create some iPad layouts for this database, but this is a very complex database with multiple files. In FMP users only get one window open, and it switches between files as needed. In FM Go I've found it has all the windows open in the background. I'd be ok with that except I only want users to be able to switch between files within the layouts they're accustomed to using. I don't want them to have access to all the windows. Is there a way to disable the window selection in the top left corner? Or that whole toolbar? 

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               Use the toolbar command in the Windows section to disable the toolbar. If you have Developer you can also disable the upper display with the option to see the browser.

               When you say multiple files in the database, do you mean multiple tables in one file? If so, your scripts must be opening multiple windows and you should close these windows when you are finished with them.

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                 Thanks I'll check that out as options!

                 And no, I mean actual multiple related files, not just tables. :) 

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                        And no, I mean actual multiple related files, not just tables

                   Which points out another possible solution--but one that will take a lot of work for an existing solution, and that's to put all your tables into a single file so that you only have one file open in the first place. (FileMaker Pro also opens other windows to these other files BTW, on an "as needed" basis, but they are hidden in the "show window" submenu.)