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    disabling menus in FM Go



      disabling menus in FM Go


      When the keyboard pops up, users can 'go to next' or 'go to previous' records; they can add/delete/duplicate a record or delete all records found. They can sort, find, omit, show all etc. They can change layouts, export, perform scripts, etc.

      Can I disable or create custom menus for FM GO as I can in FMP? All this freedom is likely to create chaos in my solution.


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          Not all those options are accessed from the keyboard, but rather from the tool bar--something you can choose to hide and lock to deny access. And custom menus can also be specified for FM GO as in FM PRO using FM PRO Advanced. But be careful of layouts where you want the user to insert a photo into a container field. Custom menus have been known to create issues in that context unless the latest updates corrected this limitation and I haven't happened to notice that "fix"...

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            The toolbar that is enable on the keyboard can't be disabled,well I have not found a way if it can be.   You can change the keyboard type and that may change the options available.  I think this may have been an oversight on FMI.  It is different by, keyboard type and  device.  One device you may just get previous and next record options, then on another device you can the whole toolbar on the keyboard.  I have seen user post about this same problem, I may have to do more testing. 

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              I won't have to worry about pictures.

              It's the options accessible from the keyboard that I'm most concerned about.

              I have a custom menu defined that, when run on a computer, removes all the menu options from the solution. But when run on an ipad seems to have no effect.

              Hiding/locking the toolbar seems to be the most effective. Prevents the tool bar from being turned on in the 'Go' Menu and only the 'Previous'/'Next' buttons remain at the bottom left of the screen and when the keyboard pops up.

              I think I can live with it this way.

              I'll check to see if I even need to do the Custom Menu for the solution since it appears to have no effect.


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                That just taught me something new. It appears that the larger format keyboard has this "feature" while iPhones do not. This was further concealed on my iPad given the Bluetooth keyboard that I use. This reduced the virtual keyboard to a narrow stripe at the bottom of the screen and it looked much like the toolbar.