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    Display constant string value



      Display constant string value


      Hello guys,

      give me some idea about this..............

      I hv to display a constant string(DO NOT CALL) in a report which contains no of fields.

      Task is the main layout from this  i am  creating a report that comes from PROJCON table.Task and PROJCON are related.

      I  added a field status in PROJCON table and its value  becomes DO NOT CALL.

      after doing this the value does not comming into the report.

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          Abhaya Behera:

          Thank you for your post.

          What key field(s) is linking the Task table with the PROJCON table?  If you entered a value "DO NOT CALL" into the field status, make sure the key field(s) is matching.

          If you just want static text to appear on the layout, you can use the Text tool instead.  This allows you to place any text information on the Layout so that it appears for every record.

          If you are still having difficulty making this work, then please provide more information about the relationships and the field values.

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