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Display issues in list view with large record count

Question asked by tonymoller on Jun 17, 2014
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Display issues in list view with large record count


     I'm working on an iPad solution (FM Go 13 and FMPA 13), and when I switch from the 'home' layout to a list view layout, I get an odd display issue on the iPad. The script that takes you to the index takes you to the last record in an unsorted list of records. On the iPad, the user is not taken to the last record, nor is the whole list displayed. For instance, I have 200,056 records, and the last visible record in the list is 199,864. I can't even scroll down the list to the bottom. However, if I use the record number slider in the bottom tool pane to go to some other record, and then slide back to the last one, then the last record displays. This does not happen with smaller record counts (though I don't know what that number is exactly) and it does not happen on Mac or Win. 

     Thanks for any insight!