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    Displaying PDFs in Container Fields



      Displaying PDFs in Container Fields


      Hi everyone! 

      OK, I'm a little baffled. I previously used FMP 10 and FileMaker Go on the iPad. My database had a container file that held PDFs -- in FM Go, I could just tap the PDF in the container field and it would open -- now that I have upgraded to FMP 12 and the new FM Go, this no longer works. When I tap the PDF I get a menu with a couple of choices, one of which is "view" -- when I select that, I receive an error "The file "?" could not be opened. (Not Found)" 

      However, if I select the "Export" option, it saves the PDF to the FM Go directory on the iPad, so I know it DOES exist.

      Any idea what could be happening here? Note that I do not want to DISPLAY the PDF in the container field -- i just want to see the icon for it in there, then tap if I want to view it. That's how it used to work.

      Thanks for any advice!



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          Go 12 now has 'interactive..." container fields.

          Select your container field and open the inspector. At the bottom of the Data tab are two choices, graphics and pdfs. Try selecting the PDF.

          Ooops, this means that the container fields that we mixed graphics and pdfs may be a problem?

          In the future using a graphics container field and a pdf container field may be required. Just one of the 'user friendly' problems generated by Filemaker. Don't ask about all of the problems with numbers in the past since the original field design was text and not number.

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            Thanks. I've tried that, but it doesn't give the result I want -- that displays the PDF *in* the container field. Since my field is not very large, it just shows a small sliver of the corner. What I want is a reference to the PDF file, which I can tap on and then it will open full-screen. That's the way it USED to work.

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              You can use the Inspector to create a resizable container field. I do this with one for the iPhone and resizes to fit portrait or vertical and will expand to the iPad or for a desktop or laptop monitor.

              Test: create a new layout and drag a small container field on it, let's say 300 x 300. Select the container field and then open the Inspector and click on the adjusting arrows so they are all set to expand the container.

              Move the container so snugs up against the top and left margin. If you are using 12 you can drag the right margin over to match the smaller container. Drag the bottom margin up to snug up against the bottom of the container. Both the right and bottom margins should snug up against the small container.

              Now browse this form layout. If you are using an IOS device, the window will expand to fill the screen. If you are using a PC or Mac, you can drag the window edges and watch the container expand and contract.

              You could size the container to the size of a piece of paper, etc. as another option.

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                Thanks Jack! I tried that and it seems to work, though in the process the oddest thing happened -- my container fields started to behave correctly! Not sure what happened -- I didn't install any updates as far as I know, but now when I tap the field, and select the "View" option, the PDF opens up. Strange. Well, thanks for your help, but it appears this has solved itself.