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    Distributing a Filemaker Go File



      Distributing a Filemaker Go File


           I have 25 customers that need to connect to a Hosted Filemaker Pro file from iphone.


           Most of these customers do not have filemaker go so they will need to download it

           and then receive a Icon from the iPhone Configuration Utility

           which has the URL to the Database..

           My Question is there a easy way to get this out to the customers. ?

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               There are several ways to go about this... 

          1.           You can email them links to the iTunes download of FM Go. 
          3.           Then you could email then the configuration file. 

               That would do it...  

               You could have a set of email instructions with everything in it, including the attachment.

               You could also place your configuration file on a password protected website they could access as well, after downloading FM Go.