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    Do I need Server?  Syncing images between Pro and Go and Back.



      Do I need Server?  Syncing images between Pro and Go and Back.



           I have created a database so that all 500 or so of my elementary art students can have a digital portfolio of their art work;  each with 6 images per year x 6 years.  This is a fantastic resource for me to track student growth.  I have only used this for one year, and my database is about 4 GB.  Way too big.  I know that I should have the images external to the fields, and just linked, however I am taking photos of art directly into container fields while teaching, using my iPad.  (The kids really like to see their work, and they appear to have more ownership of their completed work.)  I am the only one using FileMaker, so I didn't think that I needed "server"  - I also just read:  http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10244/~/storing-container-field-data-externally

           but to tell the truth, the language is a little confusing.  I believe that It talks about the benefits of transferring externally linked container fields to FileMaker Go, but does not address then taking photos in container fields in Filemaker Go, then tranferring into Filemaker Pro.  I go back and forth a lot in my databases, from iPad to Mac and back again - I use a script to export container fields in a found set to post in class list order on iWeb (which I realize is out of date.)  Any Advice?  How do I keep my portfolios updated while storing externally?  We do have wireless in our school this year, however security is fairly tight, and PC based, if that matters.  I am one of only two Macs in the building.  I can write a grant for Server if anyone thinks that this might be helpful to my needs.  I hope that I have explained this well.

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               If you are the only user, you can host your files from your computer with FileMaker Pro and connect to the hosted database with FM Go. You may want to take that grant money (assuming you can get it) and invest in one of the 3rd party "synch" tools available instead. both 360works and SeedCode offer synchronization tools for such purposes.

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                 Thank you, PhilModJunk, for your answer.

                 Do you know if I can connect FM Go with Filemaker Pro via Bluetooth/Bonjour?  (I was unable to use the "Reflection" app with my school wireless, but was able to figure out how set up a local network via Bluetooth/Bonjour to get it to work.)   I'll spend some time later looking at 360works and SeedCode - there are just so many moving parts, and the way I have been doing it works great, but am just trying to think ahead.  I know that a 4gb database is already too large.

                 Also, if I take a photograph into a container field in FM Go, as I need to do, do you know if I can set it up to automatically send the photograph to a remote folder on my Mac (which is linked to the specific container field in the database?)  I guess I am unclear on remotely using a database.  Does FM Go act as a mirror? So what I am doing is actually happening on my Mac?  Do I need to write a script to automatically put those photos in a folder?   Way too many questions.  I am completely self taught, but determined.  Thank you so much!



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                   You can sync using import and if do an import/sync that only imports the changes and new fields so it is almost a brain dead feature and easy to set up. I've tested the import in both directions and it works.

                   I've also used set field to push data from here to there and that works also.

                   The commercial products are far more complex than the task itself but then they are designed for people who don't script very much.

                   I've blogged about this off an on and do intend to deliver a simple method of doing this in an inexpensive file for doit yourselfers.

                   www.gofm.biz  <-- it's free