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DO NOT buy this Program

Question asked by JohnSebastian on Apr 10, 2011
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DO NOT buy this Program


I thought Bento had its querks and problems. Welcome to Filmaker Pro. This program will not even run on first gen ipad, the refresh is takes forver to navigate between entrys in a library. if you use pictuurs on a for, they only half show. You will get an out of memory or full error if you try to use the built in camera on the gen 2 ipad. and that is just the stant.

This program runs your forms or the screen slipping and sliding them lke they were floating on a bed of oil.. HAHA, surprise if you think you are goin to swipe to the next record,, you gotta aim for a tiny button, that just sits there for navigation, NO SWIPING, no utilizing of any of the ipad os features. Maybe a popup type box my come up if you wait long rnouge.

Little wonder this program has NO trial version. Cauyse NO ONE in there right mind would shell out ever .99 for this one.

I paid 39.99, and believe you me, I get my money back on MONDAY. no tech support on the week end, or customer service.

There is a need out there for ipad data bases that really work. HELLOOOO anyone listening!