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    DO NOT buy this Program



      DO NOT buy this Program


      I thought Bento had its querks and problems. Welcome to Filmaker Pro. This program will not even run on first gen ipad, the refresh is horrible.it takes forver to navigate between entrys in a library. if you use pictuurs on a for, they only half show. You will get an out of memory or full error if you try to use the built in camera on the gen 2 ipad. and that is just the stant.

      This program runs your forms or the screen slipping and sliding them lke they were floating on a bed of oil.. HAHA, surprise if you think you are goin to swipe to the next record,, you gotta aim for a tiny button, that just sits there for navigation, NO SWIPING, no utilizing of any of the ipad os features. Maybe a popup type box my come up if you wait long rnouge.

      Little wonder this program has NO trial version. Cauyse NO ONE in there right mind would shell out ever .99 for this one.

      I paid 39.99, and believe you me, I get my money back on MONDAY. no tech support on the week end, or customer service.

      There is a need out there for ipad data bases that really work. HELLOOOO anyone listening!

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          What Filemaker db are you using to look at in FMGo?  If you made it yourself you should read some of the develpment guidelines for FMGo.  You should try one that has been optimized for the iOS.  I might also observe that many developers are listening, but your form of "critique" is the sort that would make us all ignore you.  I know I shall.

          All the best in the void...

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            I wrote the words above , but now I am taking alont of my frustrated comments back, with a grain of salt.

            Number one, Filmaker has two distinctly different products. Bento, Filmaker Pro and its viewer "Go". I started with the ease but limitations of Bento. The form creation was easy and fast, but the product just can't save its files, nor sinc to itunes without a fear factor. If bento were a file transfer app like many i have, and not so dependant on pushing a wirless wifi connect button, that is kin to a self destruct, or sometime success, button, then it could have worked for me. Also the limitations of only allowing use of a bento datafile on a two to one ration,,, One desktop to two devices, then I may have found a database, business solution on my first try.

            Number two. I therefor, moved ahead and downloaded the trial version of Filmaker Pro and paid the full price for Filmaker Go, as it is NOT available for trial. That, in itself is an odd choice for a company that has decided to TRIAL a team of intigrated programs/apps. As noted above in my frustrated dialogue, Developing a Bento clone using Filemaker Pro was a night mere,,,,, but I finally did it . It took two week and much Forum posting, ASK serches, and trial and error. But now I think I have something. I had to drop any hope of a tablet of wallpaper type background theme, like you see in Bento. Filemaker Go, just could not display the backgrond, and hardly the files, when tested on gen one Ipad, and gen 2 ipad. 

            Simplification, and SMALL image files,,, say 100kb files became my answer. Since the images I was using on a 250 item database  mounted up fast, I found the only way to a successful, smooth running Filmaker GO, was this simplification of design and data weight. I am happy to say, that now I am arriving at somthing quite useful.. Everyday using the trial, I find new ways to present my data program that would never have been possible in Bento.

            So is this a withdraw of criticism? Somewhat. I remain fast in my insistance that Filemaker needs to Flex a big bit in Bento and giving a safty net for data syncing. Enough said for Bento. Filemaker Pro need to be trialed with the desktop companion, and in offering the Duo, Filmaker needs to inform the end users what to expect, and be given some Bento clones in the kit to help with the early stages of simple form development. 

            I needed fast, flexable, multi user, desktop to ipad program production FAST. I have learned alot. Best said never give up, but using these products will certainly bring even a seasoned computer user to the edge and back. You just have to want the end solution bad enough. Lots of us develope to show employers what can be done to make on retail lives easier, at our own expence, mind your, for the initial hit, and things get complicated and expensive. 

            I hope I have clarified where any new user is headed with either program they select. Just remember if you have lots of users with multiple ipads ready and hungry for you database, skip Bento and go Pro. Show your boss this comentary, get him to buy you the product, and TAKE YOUR TIME reaching a solution. With that in mind Filemaker will and can perform, and so you will shine! John Sebastian

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              Hi John,

              I'm glad you're beginning to rescind your hasty comments about FileMaker Go.

              FileMaker, the company, has released it with the knowledge that it is not a 'development' platform and it is limited in its abilities compared with FileMaker, the desktop program.

              But it IS an extraordinarily good first step in getting FM onto the iOS platform and improvements are bound to come in the near future.

              As Steve Wonfor suggests, develop in FileMaker Pro, or FileMaker Pro Advanced (preferably), with FM Go's current limitations in mind and, as the program improves, so will the capabilities of any solution you develop.

              Incidentally, if you want to 'swipe' from record to record, set the layout to show in List View only.

              Good luck with your future developments, John.

              Bob Stuart

              Think Data Pty Ltd


              Queensland, Australia.