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    Don't want keyboard to pop up in text field



      Don't want keyboard to pop up in text field


      I have a  text field in FMGO which often contains a lot of data. This field is usually used just to read data- I rarely make edit it.  It has a vetical scroll bar.

      When I go to a record I cannot access all of the data until I double tap the field to bring up the scroll bar.

      But when i double tap the field, the keyboard pops up.

      So to read all the data in that field I must double tap, then dismiss the keyboard.

      So what I would like is to either:

      1. Be able to have the scroll bar active without double tapping (preferable), or

      2. Not have the ketboard popup when double tapped.

      If an ideal world I would like to be able to still  edit the field on those few occasions that I need to, but this is not necessary and unimportant.