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    Download Launch File



      Download Launch File


      I need to guide 100+ college students through downloading FileMaker Go and connecting to a hosted database. Authentication isn't an issue, so we won't be creating individual accounts. This is purely a download and go operation.


      I have created a launch file ... a simple file that opens the remotely hosted file and then closes itself. This means we're not having to step people through entering a file path.


      If you agree that this is the best strategy, what's the easiest way to instruct the user to get the launch file onto his/her computer?


      Or, is there a better way to do this?


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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           Filemaker Go only runs on iOS devices, so I'm not clear on your question about "get the launch file onto his/her computer.

          All students these days could teach us how to get a file on to our device.smiley Tell them to go to the app store and download filemaker go.  The easies way to get your database on to the device is by using dropbox.  You would load the database to your dropbox account and then share the file.  You would then sent the student an email with the link your you would have a website with the download link.   The student could use iTunes or dropbox to move the database to their computer, but it would have to be a runtime to run on the computer.

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             Here is a refer a friend link for dropbox.  https://db.tt/JXzZg7Oq

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              Thanks for your reply.


              First, my bad: It should have been get the launch file onto his/her phone, not computer.


              Second, I need a solution that's more self-service than what you outline. I don't want to have to send an email to anyone. These will be anonymous students across the state who are self-identifying and self-configuring with nothing beyond instructions on a web page, which they might first access via a computer instead of a phone.


              I understand why you might think any student can download a file, but I just asked four students, and none did. They can do apps in their sleep, but not files.


              We have a website, so we can host files for download there.

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                Your web site can be set up to send the email to the student when they click a link to get the file.

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                  That's an interesting possibility. Thank you.