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    Downloaded my first FM Go data file but...



      Downloaded my first FM Go data file but...


      I used FM go to collect data and after downloading it to my mac, I try and open it with FM Pro and I get the same interface as I see on the ipad. I can't change the view to table view or anything else. Am I trying to extract my data incorrectly?

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          Hi Scott Land:

          Thanks for posting.

          What version of FileMaker Pro are you using?

          What OSX version are you running FileMaker Pro on?

          How was your database transferred from the iPad to your Macintosh?

          Are you seeing the same exact layout objects in FileMaker Pro, or is the actual menu and tools bars the same as in FileMaker Go?

          Databases created in FileMaker Pro will display the same layouts whether accessed by FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go.  If you have the database open in FileMaker Pro, you can access the table view using the menu options.  Under the View menu select Browse mode.  Go back into the View menu, and there should be three view options.  These are view as form, view as list, and view as table.  Select view as table to change your database into a spreadsheet like view.  Let me know if you had these options available in FileMaker Pro.



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