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Drop down list issue

Question asked by TimothyNees on Feb 10, 2013
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Drop down list issue


     On Iphone 5 the drop down lists in my database work perfectly, I am able to scroll and select with ease, and can still read the corresponding question while scrolling the value list.  On Ipad the drop down lists don't work at all.  A list seems to appear but it is so small you cannot access it.  Is there something I can do or is this an issue with FMGo 12 on Ipad.

     Pop up menus work but when they pop up on Ipad they cover the text the user would need to see as they select there answer.  On Ipone the menus appear below the text which is much better for my purpose.

     I have tried using buttons that take you to a layout specifically designed for each question but it is still impossible to use pop up menu or drop down list on the Ipad.

     Im trying to force strict data entry but this seems impossible on the Ipad.

     Any suggestions?