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    Drop down list on iPad



      Drop down list on iPad



           i have dropdown list with four fields, each field follows from the previous field.

           when using my DB on the ipad the dropdown list windows are working fine until it comes to a window (dropdown list) with a long sentence, only a few words show not the whole sentence.

           my question is, can i alter the window size to show the whole sentence or is there another way to achive the desided list. 

           i have attached a screenshots of my drop down list


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               Daniel Mcshane:

               Thank you for your post.

               At this time, the window size of the drop-down list cannot be sized.  iOS will size the values to fit the window.  If the window is still too large, then it will display as much as possible followed with ... to let you know there is more information.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 You may want to try modifying the values in the value list to be shorter-yet still be recognizable as representing the longer statement and then use one of several possible methods to "look up" the full text from a related table.