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Dropbox and Facebook PROBLEM

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Apr 6, 2012


Dropbox and Facebook PROBLEM


A vulnerability has been discovered for those using Dropbox to transfer files but your device must be in the hands of the bad guy. It exists because the dumb engineers for Dropbox and Facebook do NOT encrypt their .plist files, according to the article. Both companies blame it on the OS, naturally.


Of course I have been pointing out the vulnerabilities of cloud apps since the first I read about them...  :) Just as I did Java when I read their ads... 

And how Filemaker data is vulnerable to password cracks so don't let our files float about and businesses should stop using developers who put their data files in the cloud, etc. and email them without stuffing, encrypting and locking...

Yes, their your files but not all of the data in them is yours and chances are some of it is quite sensitive for the person whose private information you store.