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DropDown - Minor Issue

Question asked by MikeHaddon on Jan 9, 2011
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DropDown - Minor Issue


I have a FileMaker Go app that uses a dropdown box to search for records.  It is working fine in FileMaker Pro.  However, on the iPad, I touch the dropdown, it lists what it is supposed to, and when I select something in the list, it navigates to the appropriate record.  The minor problem is the dropdown list either doesn't disappear or it reappears (not sure which).  To make it go away, the user needs to tap somewhere outside of the dropdown.

Is this a bug, or is there something I need to adjust?  I would like the user to select from the dropdown, navigate to the record, and then have the dropped down list disappear.  That is how it works in FM Pro.  In Go, it stays "dropped down".  Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks!