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embed username and password in the FM Go shortcut

Question asked by AppGuy on Apr 15, 2013


embed username and password in the FM Go shortcut


     This is more of an FYI since it took me forever to figure this out and there is no documentation of this.

     According to the current documentation you can embed a user and password in the remote url but  not for launching the fm go file.


     Here is what you will need to do.  I used the iphone/ipad configuration utility from apple to create a profile for all my ipads..

     You can get it here..

     Then create a new profile.

     Filemaker can use webclips so you can create a new webclip put then name of your app.. icon.. etc..

     Here comes the fun part of putting in the user and password with the correct format.

     It should look like this:  FMP://username:password@%7E/filename.fmp12

     Any spaces you have to use the %20.

     This will now enable you to create custom menu icons that automatically put the user and password in for the database.

     You can now email this file to whomever you need to and it will install the new icon with the all the credentials you put in there.

     Hope this helps everyone!!