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    Enable FIND for user on iPad



      Enable FIND for user on iPad



      I have set some security restrictions for an empoyee who uses our database on his iPad (some fields view only).

      Unfortunately, the FIND functions don't work for him anymore.

      I can't find anything in the security settings regarding this, but maybe I don't know where to look.

      Where can I enable the find function for a database user???

      Thank you in advance.


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          One option might be to set up global fields for the user to enter find criteria. You can then give them edit access to these fields without changing your security settings. The user can then run a script that enters find mode and uses set field steps to set up find criteria and perform the find. This script can be set to run with "full access privileges" to get around the "can't edit" restriction.

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            Roos de Hart:

            Thank you for your post.

            Security settings do not affect Find Mode.  If you have invoked a Custom Menu, this could stop you from entering Find Mode.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Thank you for your answers.

              TSGal, what do I change in Custum Menus?

              As far as I know I didn't do anything to change it, when I look at it, only the (Standard Filemaker Menus) is marked.

              What is strange is that the Quick Find doesn't work for only this employee.

              I tested it with 2 other accounts and for them the quick find does work.


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                Roos de Hart:

                If you don't have Custom Menus installed, then Quick Find should be accessible.  Do you have any other applications running?  Reboot your iPad to clear out any possible memory conflicts, and then try again.  If the problem persists, then connect your iPad to iTunes on your Mac, move off any local files from the iPad to the computer, remove FileMaker Go from your iPad, and then download a fresh copy of FileMaker Go to your iPad.  Add back the local files, launch FileMaker Go, open any file and see if Quick Find is now available.

                Keep me posted with any progress.

                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  Markus Schneider

                  any chance that You are talking about 'Find' in general?

                  - if there is an account with restricted menues (only edit), then there is no 'find' available

                  (security, edit that user, Menu Commands - or similar, I don't have an english verision here...)



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                    There are several ways of securing records and fields and Filemaker offers one via the Security dialog. I find these to be a real pain and wonder why Filemaker has not implemented the security when you create a layout or field rather than forcing us to remember to go back to the Manage>Security dialog. That is quite cumbersome in my opinion.

                    A simple method is to create layouts that do not have selected fields on them and to send the user to the appropriate layout where they only see the assigned fields.

                    These layouts can be created for forms, find, list, report, tables, etc.

                    Using global fields makes it even easier.

                    A simple idea:

                    If useraccount = a

                      go to layout a

                    else if useraccount = b

                      go to layout b


                    end if


                    If you are using a server and the person must log into the server, it is even easier since you can create a special login file for various security levels and those files cannot see, access or contain sensitive data you wouldn't want a stranger to view if they got their hands on the iPad. This is the best idea of all. Only account names with that access are included in the file.

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                      Thank you all for your answers and advice!


                      Markus was right, because of the security restriction I set up for this user, the 'Available menu commands' was set to minimum.

                      When I changed this to all, the problem was solved.

                      Vielen Dank Markus!


                      Greetings from Miami