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Error dialogue in Filemaker Go

Question asked by hamish on Feb 25, 2014
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Error dialogue in Filemaker Go


     I have programmed up an assessment file in filemaker pro and it runs great in filemaker pro - no problems

     I transfer it directly onto an Ipad and after several actions I get the Error message "This item cannot be modified here because it is already being modified in a different window"

     The file is a slide panel - 5 of them with a series of buttons on each panel. The user touches a button to assess the question next to it and it enters a value in a rating field (simple) - until it spits the error message. Only a restart fixes the problem.

     It is intermittent sometimes you can rate a whole panel, a whole record or sometimes only 1 question.

     I am very new to Filemaker Go - am I missing something

     Graphic does'nt show the error box as it is a computer screen shot - not sure how to do it from the Ipad