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    Export container field containing pictures



      Export container field containing pictures


           Hi Guys


           Ive developed a surveying  database which allows me to take pictures on site. Sounds great but i cant get the pictures off the ipad when i get back to the office. The pictures are stored in a container field and i cant seem to export them at all.


           I cant even see them in my photos so i cant get them off manually via the cable.


           Do i have to use a script or something or can i set it so that the photos are saved straight in the photo library of my ipad.


           Im at my wits end with this so any help would be massively appreciated.





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               seems nobody knows. Had a similar response on other boards. Appears in filemaker go you simply cant export images taken with the camera.

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                 Hello, I had this issue- I was able to figure out the following method, though my needs may be different than yours.


                 1)  Transfer the database back to your computer.

                 2)  I created a script (with a lot of online poking around) that would enable me to export all the images from a found set and container field in the last sort order.  Is that what you want to do?   The following is the formula.  I needed to create a new formula for each container field (so whenever I wanted to export the image in that particular container field, I would run the script from the found set.)  Here is the formula:



                 Set Variable [$$file; Value:'GetAsText ( STUDENTS::Grade1ArtProject3)*/*]

                 Export Field Contents [STUDENTS::Grade1ArtProject3]

                 Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last]

                 End Loop

                 I do need to rename the exported file, as I want to be able to upload them to my class website and have the names make sense, but it is fairly quick.   I have them exported to a particular folder on my desktop, then I can bring them into iPhoto, then upload to iWeb.  What I am having a difficult time with, and will be posting on a separate post as a question, is I want to have related fields (not embedded images) in both my FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro databases.  I do not know how to do that yet.

                 I hope that this helps.  I am a relative newbie, self taught but determined.