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Export database backup from iPad to WebDAV

Question asked by d4creative on Oct 24, 2012
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Export database backup from iPad to WebDAV


     I have a client who needs to use Filemaker Go on an iPad in very remote locations. There is no internet, 3G or other form of local or online backup. He can't carry a laptop everywhere to perform backups via iTunes, but wants to keep running backups during each day.

     Is there ANY WAY AT ALL to save a copy of the database to an external device - for example I have an Airstash (portable webdav wireless network) which allows connection of the SD card to the iPad. But how can I transfer the files into a seperate directory for backing up? Other apps allow for external data sources but I can't find any reference to such a thing with FM Go. I desperately need a solution to this problem!!  It seems like Filemaker has not thought of reasonable and practical portable backup for FM Go.

     I have tried to use the "Save a copy as" script command but I don't know what url to write to make it work. The Airstash has a directory of which allows for direct file transfer from the iPad. But how can I get FM Go to see it?

     P.S. I am loath to have to jailbreak a brand new iPad and void any warranty.