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    Export Tables From FMGo Database



      Export Tables From FMGo Database


      I know you can export individual tables from FM Pro Database as an Excel File.  Can this feature also be done in FMGo and saved as an attachment for email?  Allowing users to be able to attach excel files to an email would be a nice addition for FMGo.  It should be the same feature as attaching pdfs, which was a great update.  Thanks in advance.


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          Rod Tanedo:

          Thank you for your post.

          At this time, you cannot export an Excel file from FileMaker Go and send it as an attachment.  Currently, you are limited to PDF and database files.

          Please enter this as a suggestion into our Feature Requests web form at:


          The entries in this web form are read by members of our Development and Product Management departments who then discuss and consider these for a future release.  Although I could copy your post and paste it into the web form, there are some additional questions asked that only you can answer.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Although there isn't a direct way to export data, I found an indirect way to do this.  You can export a field's content so I created a looping scripts that places the data in a global field in cvs format.  Then I export the contents of the global field.  The exported file can then be opened in Excel.  It is not the perfect solution, but it works.

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              Thank you for the information.  Although it might be an indirect way to go about the issue, it seems like something that I can use for now.  I'm trying to create the scripts as you've suggested, Unfortunately, I'm having a problem with setting my variable (filepath).  Can you point me to the right path in setting the varialbe (local or global) for FileMaker Go on the iPAD.  Thanks in advance.

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                You do not need a path (there isn't a file path on an iPad).  Leave the Specify Output File box unchecked.  When you execute the Export Field script on the ipad, you get a dialog box that allows you to email, save, or view the exported file.  If you save the file is goes to the Files on Device section for FM GO.  The exported file is given the name of the field with a .txt extension.

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                  I found another way around the export problem:

                  Create a field that is a Calculation field that merges the data you want from each record.

                  Create another field that is a Global text field.

                  Select the records you want to export.

                  Create a script with a loop that cycles down through each selected record, copying the merged record from the Calculation field and pastes it into the Global text field (don't use select entire contents, or you'll overwrite the data with each Paste).  I use a variable set to the Found Record Count to control the Loop.

                  At the end of the script use a Copy (with SelectAll) to copy the contents of the Global text field.

                  You can then paste the result into and e-mail or a note and have the ability to select data further for the intended use.

                  Klugey, but it works.