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Exporting Excel Spreadsheet

Question asked by netguykb on Feb 27, 2013
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Exporting Excel Spreadsheet



     I have an Excel graphic icon on a iPad form that I would like users to click on to automatically send an email. Currently I am using the "Send Email" script for a button setup. The function works however I would like to attach an excel spreadsheet to the email that gets sent however I’m not sure what I should be setting as the file path. I've built the layout on my desktop and denoted a file coming directly from my desktop and it does not work. More so what is the file path once I copy this DB to my iPad? What is the path for the attachment once it’s on the iPad? I wish there was a way to indicate a FTP or Web Url to attach the file. I suppose I could always simply add a URL in the message body to have folks download the file however for their convenience it would be nice to have it already attached.

     Also because this file is not remotely associated to a current record adding it as a container is not conducive and doesn't offer all of the same options that are really nice with using the Send Email script.

     Any help would help, Thank you!