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Exporting PDF's from Filemaker GO 13

Question asked by ahcho on Jul 29, 2014
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Exporting PDF's from Filemaker GO 13



     I want to create a single PDF from 2 layouts that are pulling from 2 related tables. The first layout has information about a report and the second layout has a list of all the corresponding photographs.

     Here are the steps for my script so far:

     1. Go to Related Record on Layout A

     2. Save Records as PDF (Restore; No dialog; Current record)

     3. Set a temporary variable for searching purposes

     4. Goto Photo layout

     5. Perform Find using temporary variable

     6. Save Records as PDF (Restore; Append; No dialog; Records being browsed)

     7. Return to original layout


     So when I run this script, FileMaker Go creates 2 separate PDF's. When I run it on the desktop, FileMaker allows me to select the PDF to append to (even though I selected No Dialog).

     Part of my problem (I think) is that I don't know how to specify the PDF location that I want to have the 2nd layout PDF be appended to. What should I be using as a temporary path on FileMaker go?