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    Exporting text files from Go



      Exporting text files from Go


      I have FM 12 Advanced running on Windows and FM Go on an iPad. Everything works save an export script I use to sent text files from two field to a client that needs this content in text. When I did the network connect fmwin://bootcamp/files/number.txt via advanced, the export works without issue with FM advanced but on Go, it says the txt file cannot be created. If the export file in advance stays in the same directory as the fm advanceced db, go generates the file without a problem but not with the network directory path. Is there a way to set up the URL or config go to generate the file. Any help on this would be terrific. In every other way, Go performs exactly as it should.

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          Filemaker Go's file system is a bit different from Filemaker Pros. It also uses a few smarts of its own which you will see at the bottom of the file browser.

          Export File:

          if (get(systemplatform) = 3

            export to get(desktoppath...) & the filename plus the extension


            export as usual

          end if

          Filemaker Go manipulates its own desktop and if you use a custom dialog box to show Get(desktoppath) you will see how 'unusual' it is.

          However, once it's in the Filemaker desktop, I wonder what you will do with it.

          If you need to have this text file saved to a client's computer, that's an entirely different situation, although you could email it. Don't forget to use some common name that will be overwritten or else you will soon run out of disk space on your IOS device or have to delete manually hundreds of small or big text files.

          If you want to export from Go to a windows computer or bootcamp, you'll need the remote pathname which would include something like 192.168... or an Internet Address plus other filepath info.

          It might be easier to connect to the Filemaker Pro file and push the data into a field there and then run a script in the Pro file to save to disk as usual. You can perform a script in a remote file after selecting the Remote file name in the popup...