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    External Data



      External Data



      I have a two databases hosted on filemaker server.  I'd like to have some fields from database 2 in a layout in database 1.  I've added database 2 in the external data sources and added the correct table in the relationship.  

      When I open database 1, the dialog box for the user name and password comes up, than the dialog box for the user and password for database 2 comes up.  Is there that the dialogue box for database 2 NOT have to come up?  Can the 2nd database just automatically transmit the data?




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          ahhh.. the good old password issue..  I ran into the same thing a while back..  Here is how users and passwords work in FM..

          It passes the user and password that you are logged into the database as.   So you need to have the same user and passwords in all databases or use a script to switch users before opening... and then when they go back to the original database switch back..


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            awesome, thanks.  That did it, I added the same user and pass to both DBs.