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    Extracting coordinates from Google Maps



      Extracting coordinates from Google Maps



           I'm looking for a way to extract coordinates of a user's interactions on a map. Right now I have a web viewer pointed to Google Maps and a script that rips the HTML code from the webviewer and pulls out the Lat/long for the center viewport.

           Now the problem with this is that HTML code doesn't refresh with the center of the layout. The Lat/longs for the center viewport are tied to the initial view of the web viewer.

           Ultimately, I want the app to allow the user to select a location through a map interface that would search related records based on that location.

           Any ideas?


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               Piggybacking on Aaron's request:

               In FileMaker Pro, on a desktop machine, with Google Maps in a web viewer, one can right-click on a point on the map and a menu appears. If you choose "What's Here?" from that menu, the lat-long of that point on the map appears in the Google window. One can then, copy and paste it into a field.

               This doesn't seem to work in FM Go. Google Maps on the the iPad don't have this pop-up menu. I would like to know if there is a way to capture a lat-long from a map point that would work in FM Go in a similar way that it works on a non-iOS device. 

               Often the point I want to capture is in the boonies where the iOS device can't automatically determine it's location so I would like to be able to click on a location on a map to choose the point at a later time when the device does have WiFi or moblie service.