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    Failed to open filename.fmp12



      Failed to open filename.fmp12


      I've had a few of our remote users try to open a FileMaker Go file, but they get an error in their Safari browser saying:  "Failed to Open "filename.fmp12."  This doesn't happen often, it happens very sparingly and I haven't been able to figure out what the cause of this is.  The only solution I could find is for them to delete the file and then re-download it. 

      Does anyone know what the cause of this error is and/or a better way to fix this error?


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          Ben Kingsbury:

          Thank you for your post.

          Your post does not provide enough information to determine the cause.

          The first thing I notice is that you are in a Web Viewer, as there is an option at the top of the screen to reload or "Open in Safari".  Can you provide more information how the file is being opened?

          Is the file being opened remotely?  Or, if locally, are you able to launch FileMaker Go and open the file?

          Any other information you can provide about your computing environment may be helpful in narrowing down possible causes.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            When FileMaker Go is opened on the iPad, there is a list of files shown that the user can select.  Once they select this filename, it automatically goes into this screen.  The users who are accessing the app are opening a local copy on their iPad. 

            I don't have any script steps to open a web viewer, or to connect to a URL.  It must be done before it starts my opening script.  I have my own sign-in process which happens right as they open the app, however this comes up before they even sign in.

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              Ben Kingsbury:

              Thank you for the information.

              How long has FileMaker Go been open before receiving this message?

              If users restart FileMaker Go, are they able to access the file?

              How long has the iPad been running since the last reboot?

              If user reboot the iPad and restart FileMaker Go, are they able to access the file?

              Has an updated version of the file been copied to the iPad while the non-update version was being used?

              Are the users accessing the file from the "Recent" list or the "Device" list?

              Anything else you can think of may be helpful.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                 I have seen a similar error opening a database from a webclip.   A icon created to launch FMGo and open the database from the home screen.

                If you are not using a webclip, I would test if the file can be open with FMP, to verify the file is not damaged.

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                  I talked to the user and found out the following:

                  The error happened right after he opened FileMaker and selected the file.  He never hard closed the FileMaker Go app, just minimized it previously.  No, they are not able to access the file - the error happens immediately when selecting it. 

                  He mentioned that he rebooted his iPad recently, but that may be relative.  It could've been awhile since he last rebooted the iPad.  He rebooted after the error, and still wasn't able to access the file. 

                  There are no duplicate file names on his app.  And he is pulling from the "Recent" list. 

                  Let me know if you want additional information. 

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                    Ben Kingsbury:

                    Are you able to open the file with FileMaker Pro?  I'm wondering if the file is damaged, although FileMaker Go should tell you.

                    Is it just this one file that doesn't open?

                    FileMaker, Inc.

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                      The file may not be on the device.  Have the user to select device then select the file.  If the file is not in the device list then the file is not on the device anymore.   Don't have my iPad with me but on my iPhone the device Icon is in the bottom center. Next to the Recent Icon.

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                        Markus Schneider

                        This leads to another problem - issue..

                        -> whenever the 'home' is activated, it shows the recent files, what makes a lot of problems on a mobile device, because files could be 'recent' but no longer available.. further on, 'normally' a setting such as choosing local files instead of recents should remain, means that when user 'JoeDoe' selects the local files, this should be the 'location' whenever this user goes 'home' (until he/she changes that)

                        a similar issue is the 'hosts' button under Go14 that shows hosted files (when available.. otherwise the window is empty) instead of available hosts. We've had quite some phone calls from users... (I mean, 'hosts' is hosts, not files...). Maybe nobody at FileMaker is aware that there are repeaters out there that are not capable of 'routing' bonjour...

                        So, the old question is: WHO at FileMaker is really working on iOS?


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                          Stacy Chamblee:

                          If the file is manually deleted on the device, then it will no longer be shown under "Recent".  If you delete the file via iTunes with FileMaker Go displaying the "Recent" files, the deleted file will still appear until you refresh the screen (go to Device and back to Recent).

                          Markus Schneider:

                          When you tap "home", if a file has been deleted from the iOS device, then it will not appear under "Recent".

                          The "Hosts" button will display all local hosts with FileMaker files.  FileMaker Go cannot resolve any network issues.

                          FileMaker does not make the names of the engineers available, including those working on FileMaker Go.

                          FileMaker, Inc.

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                            The user did have this on his device, since we had to delete it from the device to replace it. 

                            I am able to go into the form on my PC using Pro, but that doesn't mean much.  It seems to be just this form, but this is not happening on everyone's iPad.  We have about 30+ people using this specific form and this problem has only happened to a couple of them.  Other files in the FileMaker app seem to be okay.

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                              I have seen the File show up under recent and not be on the device.  My statement was to verify that the file is on the device.  As I'm sure you can confirm this is not a common issue.  The only time I have seen this error message is with a webclip opening the database and the file not be on  the device. 

                              Ben Kingsbury

                              I read your post that you were replacing the file, but apparently something is not correct or you be able to open the database.  This isn't a issue that I have seen nor is it a issue that I've seen other post about.     

                              Have you delete the file from the device and transferred to the device a second time?   Maybe something happen in the first file transfer.    



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                                I was just going to report something as a FM Go "bug" and this may be just the answer in your case. If not it may help someone who DID stumble into this bug.

                                I spent about 2 hours yesterday trying to find out why a shared database in FileMaker Pro v14 Advanced or shared off my FileMaker Server v14 could NOT be opened with FM Go. Most of my other databases had no problem but these two other database would not open and gave a "file could not be opened (file not found") even though it was obviously showing up in the list.

                                You generically referred to your database as filename.fmp12 so I don't know the real name you were using but in my case it was "ChangeControl_v2.3.fmp12". FileMaker Pro opened it without a problem. FM Go... no way.

                                After trying a 100 things I eventually discovered that if you have a period in your filename... FM Go will NOT be able to open the file. In delineating my minor rev levels I know name it something like "ChangeControl_V2^3.fmp12" and the files open without problem. I haven't tested "the problem" with a web browser but it may well be the same problem.

                                Hope that's what fixes your problem... I certainly burned up several hours figuring that one out.


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                                  Sorry for the long delay in responding... TSGAL, I did have them delete the file from their device and reload another copy of the form.  The problem is, they've been using the file before without problems, just one day it decided not to open.

                                  Kevin Ericson - thanks for looking into that and testing, but the only period I have in my filename is for the file extension ".fmp12"  so this may not be the problem I'm having.  My filename is called "DSFormsMobile"

                                  Thank you all for looking into this, seems this is a rare occasion and something that hopefully we'll be able to figure out. 

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                                    I was just on the phone with one of our salesmen when this happened.  I had him update his version using SeedCode's GoZync system.  Once he hit the install button, it brought him back to the FileMaker screen and when he tried to sign into the form, it gave him the "Could not open DSFormsMobile.fmp12" error.  I had him delete the file, reload another and update his version again and it went through fine.

                                    Looks like this has something to do with GoZync so I will check that option out. 

                                    Thanks again for all your help.