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    Faster Data Entry



      Faster Data Entry


      I'm enlisting the help of the forum once again.

      I run a modified version of the invoice starter solution for my gym. Invoices = Workouts, Products = Exercises. I use FMPro but my staff uses FM Go for data entry, the problem right now is they spend most of their time inputing data and I'd like to shave some of that off. We have different rep protocols we use, and I'd like to use a script trigger to decypher and do an action based on that.

      Scenario 1

      Input= "60" Output = "60"

      Scenario 2

      Input = "60:15" Output = Two line item entries, the first where the output is "60" and the second is "15"

      Scenario 3

      Input = "60/15/10/15/10" Output = Five line item entries, where the first is 60, second 15, third 10 etc

      I have a feeling I'd be using the PatternCount() to determine what to do, but from there I'm lost. Please help, also I'm sure the Let () function will be used, but that concept is way over my head. Sorry for being difficult but thank you in advance for being an awesome forum.


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          Is it that you want your employees to enter all the items in a single field with / or some other character as the delimitter and then the script trigger generates the line item records? Wonder if a button to the right of such a field to tap might give your users a bit better control over the process.

          Set Variable [$ItemList ; Substitute ( WorkOuts::input ; "/" ; ¶ ) ]
          Freeze Window
          Set Variable [$WorkoutID ; WorkOuts::ID ]
             Exit Loop if [$K > valueCount ( $ItemList ) ]
             New Record/request
             Set Variable [$K ; Value: $K + 1 ]
             Set Field [ LineItems::ID ; $ID]
             Set Field [ LineItems::Item ; GetValue ( $ItemList ; $K ) ]
          End Loop
          Go to layout [Original layout]
          Set Field [WorkOuts::Input ; "" ] //clear the field so the user can add new items if necessary.

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            Thanks I will give this a go. I was trying to avoid a button, I'm running out of real-estate on the ipad. 

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              The reason I'm thinking button is when I put myself in the shoes of your employees, I can see how a trigger makes it easy to inadvertently perform this script when I may not have fully entered the last item.