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    Features in development



      Features in development


      Now FMGo has been out for a bit I am sure there have been alot of feature requests flooding in. I was wondering if a dev could make a sticky regarding features that are in the process of being implemented and estimated availiability dates. I know a few people are waiting for features such as signature capture and I would hate to waste hours finishing development in FMtouch only to have it released the next day in FMGo.


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          Hello. I would like to second this idea.

          It would be nice to have an idea as to what new features are in development and an approximate eta for their release.

          Of particular interest to myself and many others I'm sure is the ability to enter data all day using the FM file on the local device (iPhone) while offline, then sync to a remote FM Server later when a connnection is available.

          I am no sales and marketing expert but I can imagine that once this feature is available it will increase the demand for FM Server. I know our relatively small company would purchase FM Server and many copies of FM GO if it would eliminate or greatly reduce the flood of Excel attachments and or faxed forms from the field.


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            Feature requests should be made public, so they can be reviewed and may be commented on and rated.


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              Thank you for your posts.

              You are free to post and discuss suggestions.  However, the best place to enter suggestions and make your voice heard is into our Feature Requests web form at:


              These suggestions are monitored and read by both our Development and Product Management departments who discuss and consider these suggestions for a future release.

              FileMaker, Inc. does not discuss future releases.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                While I can understand that discussing future release plans in public forums may give competitors an advantage, I hate to point out that the competition already has most of these features. Surely you are able to give us an indication that you are actively working on these requests or even just a 'we will be releasing an update shortly to include some popular feature requests'... Could you could explain why "FileMaker, Inc. does not discuss future releases."? I am sure it would be a great service to the FM community (and to FileMaker Inc) to more proactively include them in your development cycle.

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                  Grant Stephens:

                  Thank you for your post.

                  I won't go into all the reasons why we don't discuss future products, but FileMaker, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple Computer, and they set policy.  Keep in mind that Apple Computer is a publicly traded company, and any discussion of future products could be viewed by the Security and Exchange Commission as a way to manipulate the stock price.

                  On a separate note, there are many people outside of FileMaker, Inc. (including forum members) under non-disclosure agreements that contribute to our "development cycle".

                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    So what did the Security and Exchange Commission have to say when apple announced to the world it would be releasing the next Iphone revision or Ipad? Point taken though... We will just wait and check the app store daily until something pops up...

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                      Like it or not, the basis of this policy is understandable and immutable. The explanation provided by TSGal says it all. I think what many are looking for is some assurance that there's a solid commitment to grow the Go platform, beyond just tweaking a version 1 release. This is a direct reflection of the quality of the initial product, and the tremendous potential it represents. But before embracing development of "Go specific" solutions, many would like to know that there's a development plan and that this isn't just a pet project that someone pushed through which will now languish on the back burner.

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                        Great question.  I've been talking this over with my boss and his boss.

                        The bottom line is we still cannot discuss future products.  However, I can tell you we are excited and pleased with the reaction to FileMaker Go.  If you go to the Apple Store, you will see several 5-star reviews.

                        FileMaker, Inc.

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                          Understood. Hopefully, the pace and content of future updates will ease apprehensions.

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                            Instead of posting what will be updated in the next release, why not just list the recommendations that have been made so far in the order of preference by the user community?  A short disclaimer that indicates Filemaker will not necessarily be implementing the recommendations in any future release should cover FM and Apple's butt.  But this would be extremely useful to the user community since it will provide us with a much easier way to see what other users need and want without having to scour the various websites about Filemaker.  Perhaps some enterprising young developer out there will create a website where we can post our requests, he can rank them, and then FM, Inc. can just go there to see what's most requested.  Will this suffice in keeping the SEC off Apple's behind??? Filing out the request form is a dark hole for most of us.  Heck, I can't even remember what I've requested from one day to the next.  And I'd sure like to jump behind some of those who are requesting for some sort of syncing capabilities.
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                              Thank you for your comments.

                              Our initial foray into the Forum world was the Bento Forum.  One of the boards contains Product Feedback where users give us feedback on suggestions they want to see.  I make sure those suggestions are entered into a Suggestion database file that is hosted by our Bento Development and Product Management departments.  This has helped our future development with Bento.

                              When the FileMaker Forum was first introduced, we included a Product Feedback board (and still do).  However, the Product Managers for FileMaker Pro wanted all suggestions to be entered directly into the Feature Requests web form.  The Product Feedback board is still active as we do want people to discuss future suggestions.  Occasionally, someone will make a suggestion, and someone will respond with an enhancement, and it creates a snowball effect.  I can't think of a particular thread off the top of my head, but because of this forum, the number and quality of the suggestions entered into the web form have increased even if it appears to be a "dark hole".

                              As a member of other forums, I know polls that involve favorite features/topics/etc. can be skewed for whatever is the hot topic at the time.  With that said, we may still ask our users for certain feature enhancements.  However, for now, please continue to enter suggestions into the web form.

                              FileMaker, Inc.