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Field height explosion on cursor entry

Question asked by tcmeyers on Oct 28, 2010
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Field height explosion on cursor entry


I couldn't find a post that related to this... forgive me if it's an already-reported issue.

When a blinking text-entry cursor is in a text field, either by script or by user-touch, the field grows to at least a double-height of what it was on the layout. This happens in "desktop" FileMaker only when the field needs to get taller, but in FMGo (at least the iPhone version) it happens as soon as the cursor shows in the field. This can cause nuisance scrolling, and visual obstruction of things under the field. I can't think of why it would be necessary, especially for fields that are expecting only one word to be entered.

Is this a bug?

Two screenshots attached, one before the cursor is in the field, one after.