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Field input trigger - from 'keyboard' on Ipad

Question asked by jungovox on Aug 26, 2010
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Field input trigger - from 'keyboard' on Ipad


Hi there.

I have a customer ID field with a script trigger to comit on 'object save' (that simply commits the record / executing a lookup)

Problem is ... since it's an ipad we

1. tap on the cust id field to enter their ID number

2. the ipad 'keyboard' comes up , type in the customer Id then... I appear to have two options...

1. I hit the keyboard icon on the lower right of the keyboard it will close the keyboard and the cursor will sit in the field - exiting the field by any means will fire off the script trigger - not every elegant.

2. I have noticed that i can Tap on a blank spot on the header of the layout and the Keyboard will go away and the script trigger will function.

it's too bad you can't execute a script trigger based on comitting the keyboard entry via the keyboard icon in the lower right corner

it's also too bad you have to change the keyboard to get the option to enter numbers everytime you input to an number field - ( I do have some pop up number lists that are helping - )..