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Field Scrolling and Data Saving FileMaker Go 12

Question asked by AdamOwens on Dec 19, 2012
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Field Scrolling and Data Saving FileMaker Go 12


     Hello All,

     We have recently began development on our FileMaker 12 solution at our office. I have developed the database and been able to get most of the basic features tha twe require to start using the software. However, I have reached a point where I can't accomplish the task that I want. I have tried using fields, containers, portals, and web viewer to no avail.

     The QUESTION:

     We are trying to create a field under the "Notes" tab where when data is "Saved" it adds the data to a field on the "Contact" page with a timestamp with the newest entry showing up first. Furthermore we want the fields to be scrollable from the iPad.

     Images of the Databease are here

     Please forgive me if this is outside the scope of the forum but any advice that can be offered to someone who dove into the deep end would be greatly appreciated.

     Thank you in advance,

     Adam Owens