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    Field Size on Ipad



      Field Size on Ipad


      Recently got the Ipad 2 and with FMGO when I type in a field it expands downward over another field is this a compression issue or can be adjusted? This happens on the Iphone as well I had hoped on the Ipad this wouldn't be. Also are there any plans to be able to use the FM calendar instead of the dismal Apple wheel. I have to click in to the next field to see the day and if entered wrong have to go back.

      Last question how do you do an undo on the IPAD? much easier to erase information by mistake at least for a beginner.

      As always thank you for the great support.

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          I believe I read a post here, that indicated you could format the field with a scroll bar to eliminate the "pop out" to a larger size. I don't have FM GO nor an iOS device so profound apologies if I'm remembering incorrectly here.

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            First of all I think your brilliant and the fact you weren't gifted an Ipad 2 by apple and with FMGO is a sham! why don't you have one? I thought  I was asking a FMGO forum and of course the brilliant Phil Modjunk answers prolifically. Well the suggestion with the scroll bar works for some fields but not a date field. The apple wheel of doom totally sucks. sorry but it is the truth for a working professional the fact i can't figure/see the day is totally wrong. I love filemaker but the pull downs and the down wheel are totally inefficient. When is apple going to use the FM calender?

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              I too "feel your pain" with the date picker on the iPad (as well as the field size issue). One of the main ideas behind using a drop-down calendar is to easily and quickly visualize and/or choose another date, such as " 2 weeks from tomorrow" (for an appointment app, for example). To do so now requires my limited math ability :)

              I suppose all that we iPad/FMGO users can do is to continue to make these requests on the Feature Request section; hopefully they will at some point be implemented.


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                And feature requests may be poste here:  http://www.filemaker.com/company/feature_request.html

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                  Question: since Go relies on a finger touch, wouldn't that be difficult to do on Filemaker's calendar? A finger would select several dates at once.

                  With the recommended button size of 44 pixels the calendar should be 308 pixels minimumm. Filemaker's calendar only covers 5 days and three weeks of a comparable calendar with 44x44 buttons.

                  Yes, I don't like the date picker in Go. A calendar could be designed that works like the keyboard with properly sized buttons.

                  In fact any developer could roll their own date picker layout... It isn't difficult.

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                    To respond to the original question, technique would be to design the layout specificaly for Go and not rely on one designed for Filemaker to work without problems. With the expanding field, try moving the fields further apart.

                    It does sound like you need to adjust the size of the field for the font as some fonts take up more vertical space than others. Or just change fonts to one that doesn't expand as much.

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                      I feel your pain - as near as I can tell the only way to keep field from Popping out seems to be to make the field enourmous in height (like 40+ Px)!.

                      I've not seen any difference in behaviour based on different fonts (not even different sizes) as near as I can tell, anytime entry  is permitted in a standard input field The Field "pops out" to about 46?pixels.  in height.

                      You CAN avoid this annoyance if user doesn't need to edit  using merge fields.

                      Hopefully there's some workaround - I haven't yet  tried using a scroll bar...

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                        Here is a screen snap of a test I made:

                        Press Control+enter enough times to deselect and change cursor to arrow.

                        Select a font from the popup menu

                        Drag a new field onto the layout.

                        Repeat process for each font you want to test.

                        This creates a column of the same field formatted for each font.

                        Select and duplicate the titles and field. Move the selection to the right.

                        Select all of the text fields in the selection on the right.

                        Resize all of the fields to the smallest field. This may happen on a layout if the developer decides to standardize the field size....

                        Note that in the field shown with the cursor that the field size has EXPANDED since the field on the layout is smaller than the field as dragged.

                        Note that each font has its own field height on the left...

                        If the field is sized smaller than it would be set by Filemaker, then it will expand when the cursor enters just as a text field will if it has more than one line of text in it.

                        I don't know if this is the answer for the question but it is something to keep in mind.

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                          Jack - pasted in screenshot doesn't show (although is will show on your computer while writing /editing) , only way when posting a reply is to upload to net (wherever you can) then insert link

                          Seems you can only upload file to FM servers is in original post.

                          I learnt hardway also):

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                            From what I can tell, in FileMaker Go there is a 1:3 ratio between font size and field height expansion.

                            So if you have a field who's font size is 15, the field height has to be 45 pixels high before it stops expanding. I don't know that there is a way to alter that setting, but if you know the nature of the relationship at least you can account for it.


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                              While writing a blog post on using date ranges on a iPhone, http://wp.me/p1AmGx-dS, it occured to me that the reason the field expands on IOS devices is that there is no CURSOR. Therefore the only method of letting us know what field is being edited is to expand it. So, realizing that this expansion is going to happen I positioned my fields so that the expanding field will not conver the other fields.

                              In scientific terms this is known as 'Understanding your environment and adapting to it' or something like that.

                              If you read my post you'll note I also spent time discovring the exact area covered up by the big humongous gigantic thing that is disguised as a drop down calendar. I also designed my layout to work with that.

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                                I just encountered the same problem with FMGO.

                                My solution was to set the line spacing of the textfield to zero (default 1).

                                Hope it helps!

                                Edit: Obviously, this only works for one-line fields, not multiline.