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file solutions not being replaced

Question asked by JackShuler on Jul 9, 2014
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file solutions not being replaced


     I am transferring solutions to fm13 go thru iTunes. Everything looks like all is well but when I fix a problem in the file on fm pro and send to replace it on fm go, it opens the older file (that was supposed to be deleted) instead of the new one.

     If I sync by wi-fi it reflects all the fixes I made, all is well.

     I deleted the files from fm go then send the new one, it still shows the old file.

     iTunes shows that I have 3 files that is about 8 mb. When I go to settings on iPad and look at the usage for fm go, it says I have 34 mb go data and app is 238 mb.

     I have rebooted iPad but that did not help.

     Any suggestions?