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    file solutions not being replaced



      file solutions not being replaced


           I am transferring solutions to fm13 go thru iTunes. Everything looks like all is well but when I fix a problem in the file on fm pro and send to replace it on fm go, it opens the older file (that was supposed to be deleted) instead of the new one.

           If I sync by wi-fi it reflects all the fixes I made, all is well.

           I deleted the files from fm go then send the new one, it still shows the old file.

           iTunes shows that I have 3 files that is about 8 mb. When I go to settings on iPad and look at the usage for fm go, it says I have 34 mb go data and app is 238 mb.

           I have rebooted iPad but that did not help.

           Any suggestions?


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               Jack Shuler:

               Thank you for your post.

               On your iPad, launch FileMaker Go.  From the home screen, tap Device, and delete the old file.  Once deleted, exit out of FileMaker Go by double-tapping the home button and sliding up FileMaker Go application.

               Next, physically connect your iPad to your desktop computer and launch iTunes.  In the left pane under DEVICES, click your iPad.  In the right pane, click the Apps tab.  Scroll to the bottom, and under the section "File Sharing", click the FileMaker Go application under the Apps column.  On the right side, under "FileMaker Go Documents", you will see all the files that exist in the FileMaker Go work area.  At the bottom of that list, click "Add...", and select the file from your computer you want to copy and click "Add".  The file will then appear under "FileMaker Go Documents", and if you launch FileMaker Go on your iPad, tap "Device", you will now see the file that was copied over.  Select it, and the file will now open.

               Let me know if you need additional clarification.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Thanks for your reply

                 I did delete the old file in go like you stated. I did physically connect to computer  and did what you instructed. It does show that the file was copied over, but when I open it it shows the contents of the old file.

                 I did not quite understand this (Once deleted, exit out of FileMaker Go by double-tapping the home button and sliding up FileMaker Go application.) If I tap or double tap it does the same thing. Nothing swipes up, it goes side ways.

            What I did find is that when I went to windows it showed the old file open even thou I deleted it. Once I tap the red X the window goes away and the I open the new file and it is correct. I don't remember it to doing this before. It used to work as you described.

            Well anyway I know what to do now.


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                        I did not quite understand this...

                   TSGal is directing you to restart FileMaker Go. You double click the Home button--the large button below your device's touch screen to bring up a list on the screen of all open Apps--including FileMaker GO. When you then "flick" the icon for one of the open Apps upwards, the app quits until you next tap the icon for it to open it again. In FileMaker GO, there are a few "glitches" that are temporarily corrected by restarting the App so until a bug fix corrects them, regular restarts of FM GO are pretty much a required procedure.

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                     My bad, I thought that TSGal was referring to the home button in fm go. There is a home, windows and current window selection. It is in the windows where it shows the open files in fm go and thats where I saw the old file still open.

                     I see what you are talking about now.

                     Thanks for your help.


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                       Double tapping the home button. Fine. Flicking? Doesn't work for me. I have to tap on the"x" to remove an app.

                  Then again this could be because I'm on an iPad 1 with iOS 5.1!
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                         Rick Whitelaw:

                         That is correct.  Under iOS 5, you have to return to the iOS home screen, double-tap the home button, and then tap-hold the FileMaker Go icon until the red minus icon appears, where you tap to exit the application.

                         FileMaker, Inc.