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File Transfer from GO to Server

Question asked by art_l on Feb 3, 2015
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File Transfer from GO to Server


 I have written a pretty simple database for tracking Gas Purchases for my vehicle. The primary mobile device for this db is my iPhone 5s.  I have FM Go installed on it and after every fill up at the pumps, the data it takes is as follows:

Record ID#


Gas Station

Price per Litre/Gallon

Number of Litres/Gallons

Calc Field for Total Paid

Odometer Reading at time of Fill Up


At some point, I would like to send this data to my server (currently just my laptop).  Here is what I would like to have it do:

1) Send only fill ups (records) that have not been transmitted previously

2) Send this info over WiFi

3) In the event of a dropped signal, check to see what records got transmitted and which ones did not.

4) At the next available opportunity, send the records that did not transmitt.

The purpose for transmitting the data is twofold....

1) To keep a master on my Laptop

2) To run reports and analysis

Where do I begin with this?  Never attempted a GOmobile solution like this. Are there sample export scripts I can view?  Any help in getting me started greatly appreciated.

Screen shot below of the interface ....

Thanks in advance for your help and input.