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    Filemaker File on Filemaker Go



      Filemaker File on Filemaker Go


           Is it possible to put a Filemaker File on the IPAD? Thus, not open first Filemaker Go

           I can just put it in Filemaker Go app.

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               M Izci:

               Thank you for your post.

               There are several ways to copy a FileMaker file onto the iPad.  Here are two common ways:

               1. Connect your iPad to your Desktop computer and launch iTunes.  In the iTunes wind, click your iPad listed under DEVICES in the left pane.  In the right pane, click the Apps tab, scroll to the bottom under "File Sharing" and select "FileMaker Go" in the left column.  The right column will then display "FileMaker Go Documents" and all the documents residing in the FileMaker Go work area.  Drag the desired file from your computer into the FileMaker Go Documents area, and the file will be copied to your iPad.

               2. Send an email to your iPad with the FileMaker Pro file as an attachment.  After opening the email on your iPad, tap-hold the FileMaker Pro file attachment, and you will get an option to open the file using one of the applications.  Select FileMaker Go, and the file will be copied into the FileMaker Go work area and the file will then open.

               Let me know if you need additional clarification.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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            Markus Schneider

                 You would like to 'double-tap' on the FileMaker-file to open that file after it is loaded to the iPad?