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    Filemaker go - export records problem



      Filemaker go - export records problem


           Been going goofy for days now and for the life of me I can't figure out what is going on with this script step.

            it works in Filemaker pro fine

            will not work in Filemaker go at all it seems that the only thing I can save out is a save records as PDF script step

           what I'm doing is find some records and export them to my manager so that he can import into excel

           I have tried exporting records script step using .csv, .tab. xlsx and they all fail with an error code 3

           Does anyone know how to get the export records script step to work on filemaker go 13 - ipad? 

           even a small working example would work wonders too.

           any help would be great


           thank you



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               It would be helpful if you posted the script that is not working.  Make sure your script is exporting the data to the documents folder on the iPad.  Are you by any chance trying to export to the desktop?  If yes, there is no desktop on the iPad.

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                 hi thanks for the response

                  It seems to be a custom menus issue since I'm trying to limit the user to use the buttons within the app and it appears that if i reduce the menus to exclude export that the script doesn't work.  is here any documentation on custom menus in filemaker advanced and the effect it has on filemaker go?

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                   glenn stott:

                   Thank you for your posts.

                   When modifying the script, make sure at the bottom you enter a check mark next to "Run script with full access privileges".

                   After tapping the button that executes the script, go back to the Home window, and you will see your text file listed.  Once you discover the file is being saved, then you can add the additional steps to send an email.

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