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Filemaker GO - opening a file in FMGo sent via email

Question asked by MrMunchkin on Feb 6, 2015
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Filemaker GO - opening a file in FMGo sent via email



Please could someone help me. I have the latest version of FMGo and running the latest version of iOS 8 using and iPhone 6 Plus. 

We have a database that gets updated and sent via email every night to a number of users on iOS. In previous versions of FMGo (about 9 months ago perhaps) and in previous versions of iOS (definitely with iOS 7), when we clicked on the .fmp12 file in mail on iOS and selected to open with FMGo, it would move the file to FMGo and automatically open up the file to view immediately.

However, in the new versions of FMGo with iOS8, when we open a file from iOS mail, it moves it over to FMGo but it does not open the file up automatically. 

Is there any way to get the file to open automatically like it did before. With the new version of FMGo and iOS8 we have to close the current window and find the file from device within the file chooser.

This new way has really messed up our workflow and made it more difficult to access files opened up from email.

I would appreciate it if anyone could shed some light on to why this has changed from previous versions and if there is a workaround or a script to use to automatically have the file open up and display in FMgo.