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FileMaker Go update-- THANK YOU

Question asked by ChristianBoyce on Sep 22, 2010
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FileMaker Go update-- THANK YOU


Last night's FileMaker Go update goes a long way toward solving some of the problems I encountered when version 1.0 came out. PDF creation, while perhaps not everything to everybody, is a giant step forward. My personal favorite is a new item, buried in the settings: Auto-Restore Login. On my iPhone, it was OFF by default. You can bet it's ON now. With it ON, I can open a database in FileMaker Go, switch out for any reason (phone call, to use the camera, to check my mail, whatever) and when I switch back, I DON'T get the "Some files were still open when you last quit. Dow you want to continue where you left off in those files?" message. Instead, I'm taken directly to the record in the database where I was. Just what I wanted.

It feels pretty good to see these changes in such an early revision. When I commented on the good and bad in FileMaker Go's initial release I was HOPING that my comments would be taken constructively-- looks as if they were. Not to say that I'm responsible for any of the new features being implemented but it does appear as if someone at FileMaker is reading what we post here.

Thanks again FileMaker for this very helpful update.