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    FileMaker Go 1.2 bug?



      FileMaker Go 1.2 bug?


      There seems to be a bug introduced with FileMaker Go 1.2.

      The function GetLayoutObjectAttribute["ABC" ; "content"] no longer returns the full content of the web viewer "ABC" that has been set to the javascript below.  It only returns the tags <html><head></head><body></body></html>.  However, the web view displays the correct text.  This worked correctly in the previous FileMaker Go  version.

      This error occurs on both the iPhone and iPad 2.  I am using FMP advance 9.0v3

      data:text/html,<!DOCTYPE HTML>



              <script type="text/javascript">

                  function success(location) {

                      var message = document.getElementById("messageArea");

                      messageArea.innerHTML="<p>Latitude: " + location.coords.latitude + "</p>";

                      messageArea.innerHTML+="<p>Longitude: " + location.coords.longitude + "</p>";

                      messageArea.innerHTML+="<p>Accuracy: " + location.coords.accuracy + "</p>";

                      messageArea.innerHTML+="<p>Heading: " + location.coords.heading + "</p>";

                      messageArea.innerHTML+="<p>Speed: " + location.coords.speed + "</p>";


              function fail() {



                  function getLocation() {

                      navigator.geolocation.watchPosition(success, fail, {maximumAge: 0, enableHighAccuracy: true, timeout: 60000});




          <body onload="getLocation();">

              <div id="messageArea">

                  Location unknown 




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          Thank you for your post.

          A member of our Technical Support department has been able to reproduce the problem, and the information has been logged and sent to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) department for review and confirmation.  As more information becomes available, either myself or the Support Technician will contact you.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            I'd like to point out a quite similar issue (although not exactly the same)

            if the http request returns only raw data (like http://www.whatismyip.com/automation/n09230945.asp ), then I observe the same behaviour as described, although there is absolutely NO html in the web viewer.

            if the restult is xml, (like http://[SERVER]/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=[DB]&-lay=[LAYOUT]&-findall ), the result is null

            The latter is a real, real issue because it was a nice way to 'sync' Go and Server data without using a bandwith consuming fmnet connection.

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              Hello TSGal,

              What is the status of this BUG?  The ability to capture content from a WebViewer was the most efficient way to capture the Location data from the Web Viewer while running FileMaker Go.  Without this "undocumented" feature available developers will have to start over with many of their finished solutions and I can't begin to imagine how difficult it would be for solutions that require HTTP XML posts.

              Thanks for your great support.

              Best Regards,

              Charlie M.


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                I can only agree with Charlie. This is a major issue for many of us. I know it's not easy to update a product just for a bug fix, but this one truly deserves it.

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                  Hi -- has anybody found a solution to this issue? The new FM Go version broke an ongoing project of mine which needs to be ready in 6 weeks. I would be grateful for any hints how to - alternatively - retrieve content from a webviewer.

                  Thanks, Stefan Münger

                  University of Bern
                  Kinneret Regional Project

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                    Our Quality Assurance department has confirmed this issue and forwarded it to our Development department for further investigation. There is no additional information available at this time.

                    FileMaker, Inc. 

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                      Our Quality Assurance department has confirmed this issue and forwarded it to our Development department for further investigation. There is no additional information available at this time.

                      FileMaker, Inc. 


                      Frankly, TSBear, at the end of three weeks, we deserve a better answer than something that I grew to expect from Intuit's customer service.

                      If FileMaker, Inc. can't fix it, then reinstate the previous version of FileMaker Go that worked.

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                        Hello TSBear,

                        I noticed that the most recent release of Bento has a new Location Field.  Does FileMaker have plans to include this type of field as a Get function in the next minor release of FileMaker Pro?

                        Could we add to the requested features list?

                        Thanks for the update.

                        Charlie M.


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                          FileMaker, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple so we do not discuss future releases. I do, however, highly recommend you submit this as a feature request on our web form here:


                          Submissions here are regularly reviewed by the Product Management and Development departments for possible new features. I would submit this for you but it requests some information specific to you.

                          FileMaker, Inc. 

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                            Be careful what you request  Bento's implementation of latitude/longitude is very ill conceived, IMHO.

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                              Thank you for your post.

                              Can you be a little more specific?  What were you hoping to see?  Or, what would you like to see?  I'll make sure the information is passed to the appropriate people.

                              FileMaker, Inc.

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                                Hi TSGal,

                                I know, I'm not Jade, but I'll answer, since Jade can still reply below ;)

                                2 issues : 

                                1 - unlinke Pro, Go was able to get the result of a javascript. If a javascript modifies the current page code, you can get the new html. This is a super duper feature. it requires very expensive plugins in Pro. Now this is broken.

                                I found that if a javascript loads another page, you can still get the result, but only if the webviewer is defined with the html/javascript code. Not if you use the Set WebViewer script step. Unfortunately, it means that we need to change layout, set a pause... which is ugly.

                                2 - data. If a webviewer is set to a URL returning data only (xml for example, see my previous post), GetLayoutObjectAttribute invents those html, head and body tags. This is also the result of issue 1, but I think the cause is slightly different.


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                                  Good question.  FM Go has had the ability to do far better than Bento in acquiring the true GPS location on iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. These devices either have a GPS internally or can be equipped with an external GPS like the Bad Elf or Magellan ToughCase and others.  This all worked well for me until version 1.2.1 broke the get web content. 

                                  Concerning my comment on FM's Bento implementation of Location:

                                  1. Bento Requirements:

                                  "About Location Fields:

                                  Location fields allow you to track current location and give you the ability to view a map of the location in a web browser.  Additionally on Bento for Mac, if Mac OS X 10.6 is installed and an active connection to a wireless network is made, Location fields can capture your current location when a record is modified or created.


                                  • By default, Location fields are not featured in Bento for iPad or Bento for iPhone.  Location fields are available for use with the devices only after a sync with Bento for Mac.
                                  • Location fields track location via latitude and longitude.  While a street address may be captured in a Locationfield on the device, that same street address will sync over as latitude and longitude on Bento for Mac.
                                  • Mac OS X 10.6 and an active wireless connection is required when capturing current location on record creation or when a record is modified
                                  • Location field's behavior can not be edited once it has been created"

                                  When I am connected to the internet or wifi, I usually know where I am and don't need to get my location ;)  I use the iPad & iPhone 3G Core Location services to acquire my position when not connected to the internet or wifi using FM GO.  This is why the Bento implementation is useless to me.

                                  2.   Bento Location Accuracy:

                                  Bento does not report the accuracy value of the location data (latitude and longitude values).  I suspect that Bento is taking a single reading based on the nearest wifi or server locations.  This can (and often does) introduce errors of several kilometers.  I recall one Bento user complaining on the Bento Forum that it located him in Paris when he was really in the Middle East (perhaps he was using VPN?).  To be meaningful, the Accuracy value must be reported along with the location data.  The Bento location is not meaningful.

                                  I require that the location must be obtained using an iteration (loop) until a user defined accuracy value is obtained or a timeout is reached.  This is because the GPS chip in the iPad and iPhone 3G does not acquire satellites immediately and may even take several minutes to acquire if in a cold state.

                                  3.  Bento Location Format:

                                  Bento does a fairly good job converting formats (decimal degrees <-> degrees, minutes, seconds).  However, it is missing the most common format (degrees and decimal minutes).  Also, Bento does not use a standard format for decimal degrees.  Instead of using + and - to indicate hemispheres (gpx format), Bento suffixes the decimal degree values with º N/S or º E/W.  Regardless of the specified format, Bento exports the location values in this non-standard format.  Bento does not use common standards.

                                  4. Bento Missing values:

                                  Bento does not report other values available from the Core Location Services like Altitude, Course, and Speed.  Bento is not helpful here.

                                  5. Bento Calculations:

                                  Bento only uses the numeric values in calculations.  The text format cannot be manipulated or exported.  

                                  There are several other issues but this hits the major points. Enough said.

                                  Like FabriceN and many others, I respectfully request that FileMaker either correct the issue or reinstate the previous version.  It's going on 4 weeks now and I need to find out where i am ;)

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                                    Thank you for trying to explain.  Although I didn't make it clear, my question to Jade was specifically asking about Bento's implementation.

                                    At this time, no other information is available regarding the FileMaker issue.

                                    FileMaker, Inc.

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