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FileMaker Go 12 security issues

Question asked by johnswhitehead_1 on Jul 8, 2012
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FileMaker Go 12 security issues


I'm struggling with security settings when using FMGo12 to access file hosted by FMServerAdvanced12.

1) I have accounts that work perfectly on FMPro but are not recognised under FMGo when using identical credentials.

2) I am using the signature capture capabilities of FMGo. When a user has full access this works as expected, with signature offered as an input option when the container is tapped. When the user has access restricted in any way (as far as I can see) the input options (including Signature) on the container field are not offered. I can't see what the restriction is as, for instance, text fields on the same layout for the same record are accessible in the normal way; so it can't be a restriction either on the layout or the record. Any clues?

Thanks in advance.