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FileMaker Go 12 throws credential error on relogin

Question asked by pjreagan on Jan 7, 2014
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FileMaker Go 12 throws credential error on relogin


     Client complained about this error happening frequently, and it just now happened to me.  When entering credentials after the iPad has either timed out, or loses wifi, the following error is displayed:  "The given account name and password cannot be used to access this file". 

     At least it takes cancelling the login attempt, and relaunching the file from the FM Go start screen, for the credentials to be accepted.  (Clients have complained that sometimes the FileMaker Go app must be quit and relaunched.  But I haven't witnessed this.)

     What am I doing wrong?  Is there anything I can try to get the credentials to be accepted when entered at the first challenge?

     FWIW: This is with FM Go 12 accessing a file on a third party remote server.  The file's security settings had been using fmreauthenticate10.  I just changed it to 20 in the hopes of reducing the frequency of them being timed out.