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FileMaker Go 13 access Charges $$

Question asked by Safari-ID on Dec 9, 2013
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FileMaker Go 13 access Charges $$


     Question: Does anyone really plan to pay the Charges to access Filemaker Pro using Filemaker Go 13.

     Personally I love the scanner feature, although the Red Line shown on the Filemaker Site for Go 13 is

     a artist rendering..(it does not appear) it does in pic2shop pro.  

     I also Love the Key Pad feature,  I wanted horizontal scrolling within a portal that did not happen only vertical.

     I also wanted to be able to Lock Items in Layout Mode and Layers.  Who does not use the Lock Features

     in Layouts and every Layout program I have ever used has layers that will Lock..

     But 2 out of 4.  Its the Access Charges in Filemaker Go 13 that has me Looking around for solutions to move away

     from Filemaker all together..   any ideas..