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Filemaker go 13 camera issues

Question asked by BFalasiri on Dec 26, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by ryan.thompson


Filemaker go 13 camera issues


     We are taking inventory pictures with our iPad. When we switched to Go 13 (worked fine in Go 12), we hit difficulties...after 20 or so pictures, the camera went black. A picture could be taken, but beforehand, it could not be viewed on the screen to focus or align the shot. Awkward! Bad pictures! A shot in the dark! Untenable!

     We exited filemaker Go, tested the camera through other apps as well as just the camera, and they all worked fine. Re-enter Go 13, after another batch of pictures, this same thing recurs, et al. Serious work flow issue when you have 20,000 photos to take!.


     Any ideas or suggestions? This is driving my staff crazy, and slowing things down tremendously.