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Filemaker Go 14 "open URL" cannot authenticate?

Question asked by jweisbin on Aug 9, 2015


Filemaker Go 14 "open URL" cannot authenticate?


My users want to be able to see the contents of a folder, and play the media files in that folder, from FM Go.
The folders they need to access are hosted via AFP on a Mac server (I could use SMB but it makes no real difference)
I got it working by making a virtual site on the server on a custom port, and enabling folder listings by default. They can then click one of two buttons in FM Go 14, one is "open URL" and the other opens that URL in an FM Web viewer. Basically they both work, but the first method presents a button to "Open in Safari", the second does not.
The problem is that this method does not require authentication, so I did not want to open a firewall port, therefore forcing users to have a secure connection. They can set up a secure connection on the iPhone using a VPN client, but it’s a PITA.
So I set up the server to force the user to authenticate. There are two ways to do that: allow overrides and use a custom .htaccess file (in the root web folder), or set up a “realm”. I tried both ways, they both work when opened from Safari on a Mac.
But it doesn’t work when you initiate from FM Go 14 on iPhone - it just hangs. Even the “open in safari” option just hangs.
Any ideas how to get this working?