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    Filemaker Go 14 Can't see any Databases



      Filemaker Go 14 Can't see any Databases


      Hi FileMaker Forum

      I have a FileMaker 14 Server with a few Databases on it. When I connect to the FileMaker Server with a filemaker pro advanced client in the version 12, 13 and 14 will everthing works fine.

      But when i want to connect with an I Phone with the app Filemaker Go 14 app or 13 says the app just "no files available". I can connect to the server with the Iphone to the WebDirect Webpage. So I can see the server from the iphone.

      must i something enable at the Filemaker Server, i cant see at the manual from File Maker Go?

      I have never used an Iphone so when you can give me a tipp vor diagnostic tools like telnet or somthing like this, to check what the iphone get from the server is this helpfull too.

      thank you for your help