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Filemaker Go 14 keyboard bug related to edit toolbar

Question asked by ltwimberly on May 13, 2015
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Filemaker Go 14 keyboard bug related to edit toolbar


If the edit toolbar is disabled on FM Go and you enter a field in the lower portion of the layout where the keyboard appears, the layout doesn't scroll up in the normal manner. Instead the keyboard covers the lower portion of the layout, obscuring it. Once the keyboard is dismissed, a white translucent rectangle persists where the keyboard was. In some cases, when a field in this lower portion is entered, the keyboard immediately pops back up despite being dismissed.

I have only tested this on the iPad. It happens in both landscape and portrait mode. Everything behaves as expected if the edit toolbar is turned on.

I tried specifying "System Default" and "Default for Data Type" for the Touch keyboard type and this made no difference. I didn't try any of the other options since the bug appears to be related to the edit toolbar.

Thanks for checking on this.